DFY Package: Content Planning, Content Development, Publishing & Optimization

Do you find it difficult to figure out what topics/keywords to write about or what supporting content to add to your main pages to build authority and boost your rankings?

Maybe you are too busy focusing on other aspects of your business and don’t have the time to get into the trenches to dig out those relevant topics.

You are most likely missing out on traffic and business. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore, with our done-for-you keyword research and content planning, you don’t have to worry about content ideas anymore.

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You can leverage our Custom Done-For-You Package at Premium Content Lab, which includes the following:

How Does The DFY Package Work?

Here is a step-by-step overview of how we execute the DFY package:

We have a chat about your ideas, goals and the kind of results you are looking for

We carry out competitor research, market research and keyword research and come up with a detailed list of profitable keywords that you can easily rank for, plus their average search volume

We send you a comprehensive report for review and approval

Research and content development begins

We send each blog post to you for review and approval before publishing them on your site

If this looks like something you’d like us to do for you, please get in touch now to get started

With our Done For You package, you don’t ever have to worry about brainstorming content ideas or keyword research again. We can help you handle everything starting from generating content ideas to getting the blog post live on your website.

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