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We are a team of professional copywriters, content writers, market research analysts and SEO experts focused on helping businesses create data-driven, customized and ROI-oriented content that satisfies search engines and searchers.

We help businesses attract qualified leads and customers with engaging content that positions their offerings as the best solution for their target audience. We are able to help our clients get their desired results because we do things differently, we are Big on Data. We study each market to feel its pulse, this allows us to know what the most pressing needs of the target audience are, and ultimately offer them a solution that solves their problems.

We can help you create customized content that makes you stand out of the pack, positions you as an authority in your industry, and helps you acquire new leads and customers.

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From Our Founder’s Desk…

Hi, I’m Busayo Oluwole, founder and Lead SEO copywriter here at PremiumContentLab. I work with a team of professional content writers, market research analysts and SEO experts. We help small and medium sized businesses make more profits by creating data-driven, customized and ROI-oriented content that attracts qualified leads and boosts sales.

Team Members

Adaobi Peters

Content Strategy Director

Adaobi oversees core business and structure mappings. She leads persona development and UI/UX types of customer experiences. She handles content audits, inventories, and SEO strategy for each client project.

Wasiu Sulaiman

Wasiu Sulaiman Olalekan

Content Manager

Wasiu collaborates with clients to develop a content strategy that aligns with short-term and long-term marketing targets and revenue goals. He develops an editorial calendar and ensures that the content team is on board. He also doubles as the Chief Editor here at Premium Content Lab.

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